Some small things

Time crept up and it’s mid November already. I have got made some small things for the Christmas market.

This was kind of my scrap busting project but I just managed to make each colour of leaves. These leaf shaped pot stands have got two layer of cotton wadding and perfectly heat resistant. I use it all the time and haven’t had any problem even with a very hot oven dish. Both surface are all made of cotton fabrics and quilted in veins.




Some place mats. I make them as set of four but happy to add more if needed.

This one with some Japanese flavour. Quilted with flower motif.


Then little bit modern style. At start I was going to quilt this one with graffiti style but thought better to have organised geometric quilting. And I free motion quilted with a straight line ruler which was very slow process and this one took longest time to quilt.


I don’t know this print is supposed to be flower or butterfly but pretty isn’t it and I am pretty sure it will be perfectly fine without cutting up to make place mats. However as a quilter I have cut and sew it back together again and adding something there. I quilted them with beige-grey thread and it is quite hard to see…butterfly front.jpg


And then I quilted this one with wine red thread.


All place mats are around 16″ by 12″. All made of cotton material and machine washable as gentle, preferably cold wash. Steam with an iron after wash to remove extra wrinkle but do not iron which will flatten all the quilt bumps.


I didn’t get to see super full moon yesterday due to the weather but caught 16th night’s moon on my camera.



6 thoughts on “Some small things

  1. Well done, Tomomi! Such a lot of projects made, and so nice! The leaves are really beautiful and you took great photos of them.

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