Paula’s quilt

Paula made this very pretty quilt top with a Jelly roll pattern and I had got to quilt it! It is 80″ by 86″ and I was feeling very lucky to quilt such a big one without making the top because it brings a huge satisfactory to finish something in that size as well as I don’t have to do precise piecing.


I think the main feature of this quilt is diamond shapes and I wanted to enhance it as well as modify a bit. I started with quilting in ditch on those diagonal lines, outline of largest diamonds.

(Photos below are taken early in the morning purposely so you can see quilting better)

And then I quilted larger white diamonds with circular feather.


And then smaller ones with diamond curves and went back to smallest ones (above) to fill with little flowers.


I quilted straight lines with a strait ruler on prints but it will be nice to fill them too.

The combination of two different quilting made some bigger pattern too.


The white border was quilted with swirls and outer border with lollipop flower which goes well with print, I think.


A view from the other side.


Thank you Paula for letting me have fun!




2 thoughts on “Paula’s quilt

  1. Your quilting is stunning, Tomomi! Paula made a nice job with beautiful spring colors and I think she will like how you brought it to life.

  2. Congratulations on your wonderful quilting. Paula made a great job with the patchwork top, but the the quilting just magnified the beauty of the quilt design.

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