Notebook cover

I joined Christmas swap organised by Modern Quilters Ireland as I did for last few years. I enjoyed making it every year because I can go quite mad  with no technical challenge or worries except the recipient likes it. It’s a secret swap and we don’t know who is making for whom until we get it in the post.

Luckily this year it doesn’t need to be Christmassy. It’s a notebook cover with a journal, diary or sketchbook in it.

My recipient likes felt and appliqué. I don’t do any felting needle or wet so it had to be appliquéd one. She likes sewing for sure and that was it I had for inspiration.

While I was making an inspiration mosaic for what I want, I found a very pretty sewing room made with appliqué and that was my starting point.

This was my sketch. Yep I wanted two sides of sewing room.


Then, while facing actual fabrics, I scrapped that chest drawer and put a small shelving unit packed with fabrics and books instead. Also moved that picture frame to the back and used fussy cut bits. Since they are all fused appliqué, some bits are really tiny and that is my excuse for not throwing away any small scraps!


And then it was quilted with black thread first to do some outlines and additional lines.


And then background was quilted with more or less matching threads. I added a book marker and buttons. Because I didn’t want a button beside the sewing machine, I attached it to the back and a piece of elastic band to the front. Bit unusual?

After that I attached sleeves to insert notebook and the lining. By the way I picked A5 size notebook with hard cover. A spool of thread is there to hide the identity of recipient.


And I folded both sleeves and top stitched all way around. The sleeves were 2″ wide.


It just fit to this notebook despite the fact I made it a little bit bigger. Hmmm.


It will be in the post tomorrow!


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