Eight Bridges

Christmas and New Year have come and gone as peacefully and I am back at sewing machine last few days.

I have finished one quilt which made an idea around number eight which is a quilting challenge organised by Persimon Dreams.

The quilt had to be made within a week and I found this challenge on 3rd January and today is the deadline! I didn’t really going to do it until I got an idea and really wanted to make it.

Number eight is a lucky number in Japan and there are several things associated with it. One of example is a place called Yatsuhashi means eight bridges because there used to be small eight bridges to across a river or marsh land. And there is a very famous Tanka, kind of poem and bit longer than Haiku, which we all learned in school but don’t ask me the meaning. You can find about it here if you are interested. I don’t think there is anything remaining from the original bridges but a temple called Muryoju-ji has created a garden with eight bridges and beautiful Japanese irises.

Anyway I decided to make my eight bridges in a quilt but there isn’t much similarity to that beautiful garden. Once I chose to use low volume I couldn’t put any purple soft enough to go with it so I used Japanese style grey print for background. I suppose I could make the background with scraps of low volume like log cabins but would that to be too busy?


To create eight bridges, I made eight improvised log cabin blocks and each has one long strip of Kasuri print from Moda which is my bridge. And put them together as connected eight bridges. Yes, they have to go up and down to enjoy the view.

Quilting on the bridge part is a simple straight lines and on the background is river/stream and some dry land.

quilting detail yatsu-hashi 04.jpg

I quilted with pale beige thread and quilting is not easy to see on this grey fabric but that is fine because I wanted it to be subtle. However I know you can’t see quilting in photos very well unless I get some side lights from the sunrise which who knows when to happen.


It is 40″ by 29″h approx.. A small wall hanging quilt made by a Japanese in Ireland.




7 thoughts on “Eight Bridges

  1. I love this one. It reminds me of a winter garden or the walk-ways through the wetlands, connecting the bridges. I can almost hear the footsteps of those passing through.

  2. I always enjoy your posts, Tomomi. This piece is lovely and I think your background fabric is just right. If you’d chosen low-volume scraps, they may have hidden the bridges too much. Happy new year!

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