Carolina lily

I have made another challenge quilt which is organised by Persimon Dreams. This time the theme is “Carolina Lily“. I have meant to make this block a long time ago but never did. It has slightly different composition and appliquéd stem. But it really didn’t hit me to make something with it until now.

This is how normal Carolina Lily block of flower part look like.


I wanted it to be slightly different. So I flipped the colours and looked at the background as a main part.


Then I played around with it. If you can remember, I did something like this for designing a block and quilt top.


And then I put some colour back in to petal parts.


That looks like some cool floor tile design, isn’t it? And I made it!

These are the flower parts. I have forgotten how Y-seams are annoying. Do you have a pair of tweezers in your sewing box? I use them for pulling thread normally but they are handy as well when pulling fabric too because my fingers are not small enough to get under the presser foot!


I thought of using a bit more brighter pink and yellow fabric but these pale ones looked better.


In the end, I decided to finish it as octagon shape with a border.


And I quilted with light grey thread in the main part and neutral in the border.


It is 14 1/4″ by 14 1/2″. Made in Ireland.

It could be a pretty table centre 🙂



7 thoughts on “Carolina lily

  1. It’s amazing the difference the quilting makes. It turns a nice bit of patchwork into something really special. Nice muted colours too.

  2. Wow–your computerized versions are quite stunning! I hope you will consider turning one of them into a finished quilt. Did you use Electric Quilt 7 to design them?

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