Garden Gate

I thought I wouldn’t participate the quilt challenge for this week because I couldn’t find a good source for some inspirations. This week’s challenge from Persiom Dreams is “Turned in to Texture” which means I need to find a good pattern to make into a patchwork pattern, I think.

The weather has been awful this week and I couldn’t walk around with my camera.  Only thing I could see was boring brick layer of houses (too rectangle). I didn’t want to do appliqué or whole cloth quilting for an easy solution (which I think I have done enough right now).

Also I bought “Quilting Local” by Heather Jones before the Christmas and I think that’s what I needed to do for this week’s challenge. But I haven’t quite digested it yet and haven’t found good inspirations.

Then one day I looked outside a window to see our little garden gate.


We think that window frame is made from a handle of some turning mechanism. You can see a hole in the centre as well as one on left bottom which might had a handle.

I wasn’t quite sure if this fitted for the theme but decided to make it to a quilt anyway.

The first thing I did was to put bright green scraps together to make a window. Nice fresh spring grass! I wanted to make gate dark but didn’t have any colours in dark. I pulled a batik which had some brown and one I dyed with leaves or berries when I tried to dye fabrics with plants which didn’t go well. And added dark burgundy on the outside.


The window bit was reverse appliquéd and I added 1/4″ bias tape to frame it.

I quilted with plant motifs but to remain the window to be a focus point, it needed to be not too busy and done by various brown thread.


The window was quilted with more detail.


It’s 22.5″ H by 17″. Made in


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