‘Brighter the better’ was the theme for Project Quilting Season 8.4 from Persiom Dreams. My first reaction to that was ‘who has problem making bright colourful quilts’. In other words, that was a quite broad theme for any quilter, don’t you think?


Have you seen Mola style quilt which is popular in Japan? The quilter brought it to Japan is Fumiko Nakayama (I don’t see English site or gallery page of her works but if you google her name, a lot will come up). When I thought about colourful quilts, Mola style came to my mind and since Julie was talking about here, I wanted to have a go. However what I made was some kind of inspired version of Mola and I don’t think it would be categorised as Mola at all. And also I haven’t looked Mola style in any depth, I am not sure even I can mention it.

The other inspiration was colouring book trend, especially doodle style ones like Georgie Woolridge!

My chosen motif was butterfly and I picked bright red as a main fabric. All are hand appliquéd. Colour parts in the wing were reverse appliquéd and I will write a different post about reverse appliqué.

finished quilt 02.jpg



Two win parts were made separately and appliquéd on to the background fabric.

It took me a while to pick the background fabric which was bit duller in colour but still I wanted it to be bold. I wanted to put the main part on point and that needed to add corners. They were all foundation pieced because the measurement of those triangles were not natural number and it was easier to just draw the shape on a paper.

quilting detail.jpg

Quilting on main part was free motion and on corners was free motion with a straight ruler.

It’s about 20″ by 20″. Mini wall hanging made in Ireland.

finished quilt.jpg



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