Well dressed man quilt

The given inspiration for the quilting challenge organised by Persimon Dreams is wonderfully wild. This week’s one is “well dressed man”. My initial reaction was to freeze. What was I supposed to do? Where to start? Well I could pass this week’s since I had a quilt to finish for a customer and ideas for the other projects were almost concrete.

And then last Sunday evening I was trying to figure out how to connect bits and pieces of my La Passacaglia quilt while thinking about well dressed man. I was thinking about David Bowie as an inspiration for the well dressed man. But how I could make it as an interesting quilt piece without literately making a quilt of him? Then star shapes of La Passacaglia and his very last album Black Star suddenly connected.


The bottom side is supposed to be spelling Bowie. And after a bit of Googleing, I found a whole alphabet sheet which I have no idea real or not.

One La Passcaglia rosette has ten stars in circle and there are ten letters in David Bowie. However as you can see above, ‘w’ is spelled with two stars. Also ‘v’ was upside down of ‘i’ which can to be put that way in La Pass rosette. So a little bit of compromising later, I finished designing it and started to make it.davd_bowie

And this was made by English paper piecing/hand sewing. It is not big but still 130 piece of small bits to be basted to paper templates and sewn together by hand.

Once I had the idea, I wanted to make it. Since I am making it, I wanted to meet the deadline which is next Sunday, 5th March. So I sewed frantically parts of Wednesday and all day Thursday and quilted on Friday.


I mostly quilted with straight lines because piecing was already busy and I used two layers of cotton wadding to give it a bit more bump.



It’s about 14″ by 13″. Made in Ireland.


Thank you to the great man for the inspiration.



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