Time is up, hope not.

This is the final challenge run by Persimon Dreams for this year and the theme is “Time is up”.

I came across with this picture of a mother and baby polar bear on a floating iceberg on my Facebook feed a few week back. It was painful to see.

As I work in a textile industry, I often feel guilty of being in it since this industry is one of the biggest environment polluter. I don’t think I can not stop what I am doing but I hope I am doing for some good.

One thing is that I do try to use up every bit of fabric. Only bits smaller than my thumbnail go to the bin or rather the compost heap since they are cotton made.

This quilt is made mostly from scraps in my scrap box except a few of large strip to up size the scale.

finished quilt

All were pieced as improvised.

I don’t know why but I didn’t want to icebergs to be look like iceberg so they remained in square shape but I added quilting to distract the shape. I should have made them much thinner? It was much larger before trimming and composition changed slightly. I need more practice on that. Or maybe I shouldn’t have the second bear?

These are my hand drawing of poler bears which I quilted just with lines.

drawings of bears

bear 02bear 01

Quilting was done with wavy lines and occasional swirl in the sea and horizontal lines in the sky.

I might change it a bit but for now it’s finished.

I finished the edge with facing and to use up fabric, I used selvage too.


It’s around 30″W by 20″H, a small wall hanging.



6 thoughts on “Time is up, hope not.

  1. Give money to an environmental organization. Much better for your conscience and the environment than using up scraps.

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  2. I like your choice and it is really timely. My children are all connected to nature, Ken with the Bureau of Land Management, daughter Julie, with urban forests, and the other four as volunteers in city parks or neighbourhood associations. When I listen to the things Trump is saying or doing, I worry about where the US is headed. Those ice blocks are perfect and something we can all relate to, knowing how quickly a cube melts in a glass of water. … and you know I am a scrap saver too … waste not, want not is the phrase I grew up on. One less buyer may not save the environment all that much but even small choices help.

  3. I think this piece is gorgeous! The thread painting makes such a good impact on this piece. I’m glad you made the choices you did. It made me want to read more into it.

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