It was busy March and now it’s April! It’s a bit warmer but still wet!

Some flowers are blooming nicely now.

I planted those muscaris two years ago from pots and they are looking very good this year.


Yellow daffodils are almost finished but those white and peach ones are in bloom in shady parts of the garden.

white dafodilpeach dafodil

This Camellia is flowering but others are still need more time.


Flowering currants are always very cheerful and on sunny days I can hear a lot of buzzing from bumble bees.


I may should have planted this one because it is getting a bit too big.

white flower

I am quilting Ruth’s this big quilt nearly ten days and end is in sight. I will have a proper post once it’s back with Ruth. I am having fun for sure!


And the spring quilt making class will start from 25th April. Contact me if you are interested!

spring 2017.


2 thoughts on “April

  1. I love your flowers. That is about the same as what we have here … except no currants. Ruth is going to be very happy with that quilting … but that is probably why she asked you in the first place. You always do such a stunning job.

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