Ruth’s quilt – part two

On Ruth’s quilt there are four butterflies, eight animals and twelve dragonflies.

green butterfly finished

robin finished

I hope this robin is visible for you.

Squirrel finished

Squirrel and can you see dragonflies dancing?

swallows with backfil


basset finished

A happy flower patched puppy!

I used this much of different thread and I wish I had more colour!


And this is the finished look before it headed back to Ruth.

finished quilt

finished quilt 02

I always like the look of quilt before quilting which is so smooth and flat. Very clean. And while I quilt, it starts to crinkle and slightly become stiffer because quilting scrunch up very slightly in between each stitches. I do like feel that texture by hand as well as watching it is happening.

I quilt where I have an idea first and gradually build up one section at a time. I think it is easier that way on a domestic machine because I can just flip and turn the quilt as I want. And if I am stuck with idea, I can bring it somewhere to look from a distance. I have no idea how the long arm quilter work around medallion quilts. Do they have all the plan laid out ahead? Do they roll a whole quilt up and down?

Physically, it is a very hard work quilting on a domestic machine but for now I am very happy with my Janome.

Thank you Ruth for letting me have fun!


2 thoughts on “Ruth’s quilt – part two

  1. It’s just stunning, Tomomi! And I can see you had fun, it shows in the final result ;)). I hope Ruth brings it on her visit to Dublin and we’ll be able to study all the details.

  2. I just love your quilting! Your workmanship is excellent. I agree with Lena: the enthusiasm and enjoyment that you get from it, show. It is not the machine that makes the quilt – it is you. Lucky Ruth!

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