Garden – April 2017

Flowers are out!

dandilion 02

Can’t get away from them!


I am collecting these wild viola and planting in one place.

pink flower

Can’t remember the name!


They are fading now.


They are ready to spread out.


Very large blue bells.



The first aquilegia flowering.


This one is wild anemone and I hope I can have more.

Fruit trees.


Pear tree


Cherry. Hope birds leave some fruits for us this year!

crub apple

crab apple


Cooking apple

And some vegetables


I got a lot of onion this year.


I don’t think they are big enough to be eaten yet…


little tree

This little guy I found last year has grown a bit.

Yesterday morning I took this photo before my breakfast. The sun was shining and dew or rain was pretty on rose leaves.

rose leaves

And this Christmas cactus has got a flower too.

christmas cactus




3 thoughts on “Garden – April 2017

  1. Oh, I do love these pictures. My Kerria (Yamabuki) is blooming now and the ones with multiple petals are flowering near the station, The wild violets are also in bloom here and I am pulling bags of dandelions in the park each morning as I go through with Nikko. especially love the dew on the rose leaves (and envy you space to grow veggies.

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