May to June

I don’t know what happen on May. I made a quilt and submitted it and made a cot quilt too. I had two evening class since April and while they are almost over I have got two more which runs until end of June. For me, May just flew past.

On one quiet week, I went up to Dublin to see two quilt exhibition. One is Modern quilter’s and the other is a joint exhibition of Irish Patchwork Society and Northern Ireland Patchwork Guild. Modern quilter’s exhibition is held at St. Patrick’s Hospital and runs until 23rd of June. Here are some photos. I missed the first exhibition two years ago and I don’t know if the numbers are down but I was hoping to see more modern quilts and for that reason I was bit disappointed( there are more than in photos by the way) .modern exhibition 01modern exhibition 02After that, I went other side of Dublin to see Hands Across Border exhibition which held quilts from North and South of Ireland. Now they are all moved to Island Arts Centre, Lisburn and there until the end of June. The theme for this exhibition is “Aurora” and they are very colourful!

HAB exhibition 02HAB exhibition 01


May brought a lot of rain and our garden looks very happy.

Sicilian Honey Garlicyellow irispurple irislarge irisclematisdwarf geraniumpink flowerallilium

I found two more oak seedlings. Now I have to find where they can grow into big trees!

oak seedling

And bees(and some wasps) are busy.

sobusPyracanthabee 02

Last weekend, I had lovely day to teach stained glass quilt workshop. Everybody’s fabric choice were very different and results were beautiful. Thanks everyone for having me 🙂

stained glass WS

In June, there will be Art Festival in Carlow and our craft group FORM will be exhibiting in the Library starting this Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “May to June

  1. As always lovely garden photos tomomi. Shame you were disappointed with the mqi quilts , I don’t think I’ll get there , but I will get to Lisburn to see the aurora exhibition

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