One week to July!

How quickly time flew and only one week to July!

I am just putting together of what has happened last three weeks here.

I am a member of local craft group, FORM and we had a exhibition during Carlow art festival. I didn’t take any photo of it myself but you can see some here on Facebook.

I did sewing/quilting here and there but I have no finished product recently except this custom cushion cover. This one is 10″ by 16″.

mini cushion cover logo

And I also quilted this stained glass pattern I made as workshop sample and made it as cushion cover. However I have no black material to bind it and it remains unfinished.

Stained glass quiltedstained glass back

Also these X blocks were made as class samples and I decided to use up all the low volume fabric I had for Ring quilt. I ended up 12 of them and they were put together as two borders for large quilt which I am still pondering the idea.

x blocksx block border

Something in my head told me I should make lone star blocks for this large quilt. I never made lone star quilt. Reason one; I never have gone purpose shopping to gather fabrics for one project which is not an easy task in Ireland unfortunately. Two; I am not a big fan of large one block quilt. However I decided to try this time in a small scale. The block finishes 30″ by 30″ and I made two of them. I know that green is bit weak but that shade fits best with other colours.

lone star

We had a nearly week of heat wave. Over 25 degrees on some days. Our garden has been busy.

yellow flowermarble rosepink roseclematisscabia


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