One quilt top finished

I have made one quilt top this week and quilting will be done sometime since I don’t have much of time commitment on this one.

Since the last post, I stitched together all the cut offs of half square triangle corners from X blocks. They were all trimmed in order to be neat and I added twisted background. They were supposed to be 4 1/2″ by 4 1/2″ but ended as 4 1/2″ by 4 3/8″. I chose light grey for that which comes somewhere in between white/very pale and the main background grey.scrap triagnles


I added partial border around the two lone stars with mid-grey watermark print which is darker than main grey background fabric. And that partial border connected two stars in the centre.

lone star border.jpg

centreThe very centre was made with bright colour. Somehow I managed to twist those squares a bit…

As I was deciding how to connect X blocks and the rest, the faded greenish blue of the border was standing out compared to all the other pale backgrounds. So I added 1″ red/purple beside it as cushion and then that made to add 1″ thin border all the way around outside which added some balance I think.


And it looks like this now. 86″ by 92″. It took me 5-6 weeks which of course includes other activities.

finished top

And somehow I can’t capture proper colour of this quilt top. It looks too pink in this photo!


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