Needlework for resting needle

Japanese quilt magazine, Quilt Japan has a section called ” Needlework for resting needle“. That is a literal translate of words by words. Better translate might be “little sewing project after a large one”. Something to keep sewing, quick and easy or something to inspire you the next project.

After I made “Walls” quilt, I had some cut off which were quilted already. That happens quite often with improv pieced quilt since there is no measurement while making and they have to be squared up at the end. Grey quilt made only skinny ones because finished size could be anything and I maxmised it. But the Walls quilt had bit bigger one since it had to be a certain size.

The pot stand in our kitchen has gone a bit too much stained and I meant to make a new one for a while. I decided to use up cut off of above.

They were cut about 6.5″ long and got binding attached on one side. And then all were zig-zaged together like making quilt as you go quilt and binding were stitched down to cover those zig zag stitches. You can use ready made ribbon or tape too.

green side

Since it has to protect a table top from the heat, it needed two layers of wadding. In this case two layers of quilt. I use Warm and Natural wadding, 100% cotton(well actually not 100% if you include scrim but that’s another story), it won’t melt with heat. I still don’t quite understand why heat resistant wadding is needed. Are they something special other than stand up to the heat?red side

It’s about 6″ by 6″ and two sided as you can see!


This mushroom was a tiddlywinks case. I don’t know where the all bit’s gone but I just love this mushroom case.

before pin cushion

I also love Japanese walnut shell, mini teacup or PET bottle top pin cushion. Nothing fancy to do. Just stuffed it with wadding scrap and wrapped it with fabric. Done in five minutes!

pin cushion


I finally got Kona black fabric re-stocked and bound this cushion cover! I will put it on my Etsy shop over the weekend.

finished cushion 02finished cushion 01finished cushion 03

Did I get bigger plan yet? Not quite yet…



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