Stained glass medallion quilt – WIP!

I made this stained glass quilt top as a class sample a while ago. Yes, you have read the same sentence here but this one is the one I made first with more classy fabric.

stained glass.jpg

I wanted to make this piece into a medallion quilt from the start rather than finish it as a small quilt or cushion cover. So the adventure began!

The very first addition was skinny black round. In order to differentiate the centre from the rest, I needed to have clear border but not overwhelming. That was the reason to have black skinny 1/2″ border.

Then purple border and four cornerstones were added.

first round

And then some blocks as the second border. They are 5″ finished Amish diamond blocks. I bought that pale blue batik with snowflake motif a long time ago because it was so beautiful and admired it every time I saw it. Now it has been cut up and use. I actually don’t know if I should feel sad or happy!

second round

The next purple border was narrower than the previous one due to fit the next border right.

The last one was with “Puss in the boots” and steps. Because I decided to make this border 8″ wide, “Puss…” had to be modified to fit. It should be 6″ or 9″ finished because it was a nine block pattern but that would be too small or mess up my math calculation. So I changed it a bit and a lot of foundation piecing had to be involved!

The very last one was the same purple fabric and narrower again. 1.5″ in case you needed to know.

finished top

That is 59″ by 59″ now and I could keep going to make it to full king size like adding large blocks on point as a next round. However I didn’t want that commitment right now and also I didn’t want the centre to be overwhelmed by busy borders. So I am quilting this as a large lap quilt.

So far I have quilted in ditch around black lines and moving outwards. A lot of geometric shapes using quilting ruler while free motion quilting which is tough but result is neat and definitely faster than walking foot quilting.

quilting 01


On Monday, I will be at the Quilt Marquee in Tinahely show with my fabric shop! So if you are coming please say hi! And please pray for good weather!


Now I am taking booking for the Autumn evening class in my studio. Contact me for further details.

Wednesday morning class will be open for anybody interested.

Also I am happy to travel for the classes on other day and time to the local community. If you have a group interested in your area, let me know.

Autumn 2017.

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