Tinahely show 2017

Tinahely Agricultural Show is held on the first of August, bank holiday and there is a quilt marquee with quilts from all over the Ireland. They are judged by qualified judges and awards are given in each categories. The categories are divided in size, from child’s to king. Also there are wall hanging and hand quilting ones too.

tina 05tina 07tina 04tina 06tina 03tina 02tina 01

Since it is held in the agricultural show, they have no maker’s name on quilts. So I have no idea who made which except a few.

tina 016

tina 015

I love how Sandra quilted these woven quilting lines!

tina 001

tina 017

Not sure if visible but I liked quilting on this trip around the world. It is panto but it looks nicely going with this quilt.

tina 014

These two are made by a same person, I was told. Those fussy cuts and meticulous hand piecing to match them up are amazing(I am sorry to not take close up photos)!

tina 013

Interesting quilting 🙂

tina 012

There were few black, red and white quilts in the show.

tina 011

tina 010

Classic blue and white.

tina 009

As always, you can’t beat the amazement of bargello.

tina 007

tina 006

Beautiful quilt and hand quilting.

tina 008

Cheerful kid’s quilts

tina 005

I think this is done with template or computerise? Beautiful pattern.

tina 004

Wool quilt of Irish cottage. Cute!

tina 003

There were more modern colour last year but not much this year.

tina 002

This beauty was hand pieced, appliquéd and quilted. Antique colour is lovely too.

Do send your quilts next year. More the merrier!

4 thoughts on “Tinahely show 2017

  1. It’s too bad that the quilters names were unknown. They should get credit for all that fine work. I always like seeing those Lucy Boston style quilts, The lozenge-shaped hexagons lend themselves to all kinds of fussy cutting, and though they take a lot of time to piece, they are quite addictive. Thanks for taking us along.

  2. Thank you for giving an impression of the show, and thanks for featuring my quilt (the woven one)! I just got it back, and I’m chuffed at winning a prize, too 🙂

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