Stained glass medallion quilt – Finished!

A few week ago when I wrote this post, this quilt was partially quilted. I finished quilting on Tuesday and bound it yesterday.

Since I chose to use very decorative fabric(which I tend to do for stained glass pattern), this quilt needed to be quilted decoratively. And also clean lines by using quilting rulers and a lot of feather 🙂

centre medallion quilting

The black and green part was fussy cut and I quilted by following the print.  Others were quilted to enhance the very middle.back centre quitling

I love creating new shapes where there is no piecing likes like this purple border. I quilted differently on that pink and blue second border. Then I didn’t like it and ripped all. These simple curve lines do better job.

first purple quiltingfirst border quilting

Those blocks were quilted to enhance the pattern and the rest of border was with diagonal feather to follow the blue fabric and to enhance those lines. The very last was covered kidney bean pebbles rather than circle.

last border quiltinglast border corner quilting

I love this extra wide backing fabric by Valori Wells. Gold and silver print on white.

back detail


It has shrank slightly due to quilting and now it’s about 58″ by 58″. Big decorative quilt.

If you have a quilt top and can’t decide how to quilt, I am happy to help to make it super gorgeous. Contact me anytime!

stained glass medallion wholeback whole


5 thoughts on “Stained glass medallion quilt – Finished!

  1. Your machine quilting truly enhances the design of this marvelous quilt. Nicely done Tomomi. Thanks for the inspiration!

    My Best To You,
    LuAnn Kessi

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