Beige three

This is my first quilt of this year and it’s mainly beige for the third time and I think it is going to be the last for a while because I miss using all the colours!

For the various reasons I can’t show the finished quilt but only some snippets here.

Again this one is quite Japanese and I used fan shape which filled with seasonal picture.

These are my sketches. Larger parts are needle turn appliqued and smaller parts are fused applique. I would like to have appliqued all by needle but that adds a bit of thickness from turning seam allowance and I didn’t wanted that this time.

Spring with cherry blossom on stream.

cherry sketch

Summer night beside bamboo forest.

bomboo sketch

Autumn maple leaves and river.maple sketch

Snowy mountain and pine tree.pine quilted

All the fan shapes are hand appliqued on the background which is made of strips of beige and bit of blue fabrics. I added shadows to each fan with Kimono scraps.

pine appliqued

All those background under fans are removed before quilting.cherry appliqued

Then quilted with a lot of Japanese motifs.

Pampas grass head and ginko leaves on the right. Th bottom centre is persimmon sepal.

maple quilted


Wisteria and rain on the right. I could not make feather even it’s nothing to do Japaneseness.

cherry quilted

A paddle and lotus leaves.bomboo quilted

Winter mountain and cloud. Waves at the very bottom too.

pine quilted.jpg

Initially I was thinking to finish the edge with facing but this thin black binding looks much better, isn’t it?

If you hop over to my Instagram, you will find more picture of quilting as I quilted.

Happy weekend!


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