Spider web

This year’s theme for the Cork Textile Network’s summer exhibition is “Book”.

I pondered idea for it a good while. Book. Which book.

As a child in Japan, I drew a lot of picture after reading books as summer holiday homework every year. There were prefecture title competitions which teachers submitted best works from each school. I can’t remember exactly but I think I got merit or something. Anyway, I tried to avoid a story book to be my inspiration since it sounded bit too easy but in the end I picked up a small book called “Leese Webster” by Ulsura K. Le Guin.

The reason was it is a very short book and I didn’t have to spend long time to re-read(dead line isn’t that far) and the story was fantastic. And also Le Guin passed away earlier this year so this is my dedication to her.

I have read her books only in Japanese because she was most active when I was young and I haven’t seen her single book in Ireland yet. Rather than buying her later works from US, I bought them from Japan.

The story was Leese the spider who lives in a abandoned palace decided to spin arty web. She tried very hard and made a beautiful tapestry like web with kings, horses, and knights. But she wasn’t quite satisfied(she is an artist :)). Then human came back to the palace and discovered this extraordinary art and put a glass panel to preserve it(ha!). In a mean while Leese was thrown out to the outside and span a ordinary web as any spiders do on the first night. In the morning she discovered last night’s work was the best one she ever did with twinkles of morning dew(don’t we all love those web?).

For me to do as a quilter was to quilt a spider web, very fancy one. Whole cloth? What shape? What to do with border?

This wild fabric looked perfect to represent an abandoned palace wall. The nature is taking it back. The white fabric was part pieced and part hand appliqued in arched doorway shape.

pinned top

All those base web structure was designed on PC by me and marked with a water soluble pen.

All the quilting was done as free motion with a straight line quilting ruler because turning a quilt at every single corner while walking foot quilting takes way too much time! Haven’t adventured quilting with ruler yet? Do it! It’s brilliant!quilted base line

Then each section was filled with fancy style as Leese might have span.

I think I have to embroidery a little spider somewhere.quilted centre

This border was quilted with curled up spring fern style.finished quiltquilting detail 01quilting detail 02

It’s very nearly finished.



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