Horse quilt – finished

I finished quilting and everything else done on this horse quilt I started at Olena‘s workshop.

I started quilting around this corner following swirl pattern of applique. Then I wanted some stone curving like pattern on the edge of arch.

upper corner 2.jpg

The background of the horse is a mix of swirl and wavy pattern. And quilting was done to add something to those flowers, like extra leaves and petals.

floweer and arch detailwith flower


The horse itself got doodle quilting. Little bit of paisley on the jaw line and flower on the neck.

horse face detail

I liked the mane to be just draping on him so I didn’t do any hair styling except hiding a bit of bold patches!

White inner border was quilted with arch pattern and outer one with wavy feather. I wanted to try twisted feather but this was 3.5″ border and there was just not enough space for it. If you have a heirloom type quilt top and want a lot of feather quilted, let me do please!


This is the better view of quilting, aka back.

back of horse quilt

I used plain calico this time because it hangs better with a bit of extra weight. I used to use cotton curtain material for the backing which is good bit heavier than quilting cotton and hang nicely. Not recommended for large quilts at all for the same reason.

horse finished whole

Thank you for the lovely workshop Olena!



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