The last quilt of 2019

This quilt was the last one I made in 2019 which was a gift for a ten years old girl on her birthday on the new years day 2020!

All the bits were cut out from her dresses from tiny ones to some more resent ones. Some are big print and applique pieces and others are much smaller over all prints.

So my initial design idea was something like this.

I wanted make a simple quilt like this but it needs a very good selection of fabric and good balance of print size which I never made a plan to gather around. But when I was asked to make this quilt, this design seemed like a good fit.

And it was a good fit. I was given a perfect number of dresses to cut large 9.5″ squares and smaller print for make up 9.5″ by 4″ rectangles. None was missed to be used. Smaller 4″ squares are cut from various ones.

It’s a single bed quilt, about 65″ by 85″. The bottom right corner square has a girl’s name appliqued which is not shown for their privacy here.

Large squares were quilted individually to enhance what’s there.

All the rectangles are quilted same manner as below.

And most of small squares are quilted like below except some large designs. I quilted them to fit with the design like larger squares.

Now to look forward to 2020! Hope yours is filled with exciting things!


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