Tartankiwi swap quilt

I have been wanting to make some quilts using Tartankiwi‘s foundation paper piecing patterns for a while but didn’t have any particular reason to make one. They are just so adorable!

Then I saw a post about quilt swap hosted by shoppershaz_swaphost on the Instagram and I signed up without thinking much 🙂 Yes I just needed to have some excuse to have sewing fun with much deep thinking.

When I saw my partner’s preferred pattern, I picked up this one just because it was one of my bucket list too!

Clicking this picture will bring you to her shop

When I went through my stash I found some raindrop print hiding and pretty cloud one. By request, I used them for a background and picked up other fabric for the girl which I thought go together well with raindrop one.

Turned out it looked too dull. That muted rainbow umbrella made whole look a bit depressing. So I made the second one with much brighter fabrics.

You get two patterns facing opposite direction which was great. I liked this colour much better 🙂

Well, this block is small. 7″ by 11″. We were to make a cushion cover or wall hanging. I need to make this a bit bigger but still cushion cover size seemed a bit too big for this pattern to me. So I added a bit of border with rainbow stripe and made two hangings because I didn’t know what else to do with the second one.

And quilted both with basically the same way except borders.

The bright umbrella got slightly dull rainbow than the other and also bindings are different to reflect the atmosphere.

They will be going together sometime soon.


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