Two cities

But before I talk about my latest quilt, just let you know our life with COVID-19.
Well, actually not much changed except classes and workshops and hubby’s work cancelled until who knows when. We live slightly outside of the village and don’t go out much. Both work from home most of the time and we are kind of used to the social distance thing already. I go shopping once a week normally but might need to stretch to ten days. Our daughter’s college is closed so she is home getting all the college thing online.
I am sewing and quilting as before but slightly distracted perhaps. Class occasions are my social life, meeting people other than my family so a bit quiet now.
All the things are changing almost daily seemingly. New social rules are in place which makes me feel like I landed in a new world everytime I go out(well actually I only have been out twice so far and the first one was before the actual chaos).
My online shop will be open until the postal service decides differ. And quilting service and commissions are all welcome! We can communicate via emails or other way 🙂
And also happy to solve your problem anything related quilting. Fire me any question because I would love to hear from you!

Anyways, now to my new quilt!
Landscape + immigration was the theme for this quilt.
I am Japanese living in Ireland. One from far East living Far West.
The Sun rises from East and sets to West.
That was my concept.

I lived in Tokyo for 6+ years but not in Dublin. But I decided to use both cities.

So the sunrise and sunset scenes were created as improv curved piecing method to changed the colour gradually.
The sunrise one was almost all from the scrap but I didn’t have red/purple scraps enough to make the sunset one.

City scape were added as fused applique with various black fabric, again scraps!

This one is Shinjuku with all the tall buildings.

Dublin doesn’t have many tall building and River Liffy shouldn’t be missed but I wanted to concentrate the sky for this one.

They were both fitted in a frame to set in one quilt.

Quilting was quite simple. Adding some texture to the buildings and atmosphere to the sky. The frame was quilted on the grid line of the print.

Keep safe and happy sewing.


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