HST quilt

I haven’t done much of challenge quilt lately and wanted to do something. When Curated Quilts announced new one with the theme “Half Square Triangle / Subtraction”, the only thing I could do was to scratch my head.
What would that be……
Over a month of hanging it somewhere in my mind, some image did come up but it wasn’t quite clear. Just something around a corner of my brain….
I drew up sketch and that is probably I had in my mind. I am still not quite sure.
The given colour scheme was soft pink, orange, golden yellow, and frosty blue, along with cool-tone neutrals. Did I have it in my stash? Somehow I did.

Here is the foundation paper pieced top. Technically there is no HST but the element of it.

Then the quilting.
Since there are only strong straight lines, I couldn’t imagine bringing something else.

Started quilting with lines from the tips of triangles and go across diagonal direction like arrow. And then added random vertical and horizontal lines which turn 90 degrees every time hit the colour boundaries, little bit like light bouncing on a mirror.

All quilting was done as free motion with straight line ruler in order to avoid bunching up of fabric.
The intensional size of this quilt was 12″ by 12″ but quilting made it shrank good bit and it ended as 11.75″ by 11.75″.


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