Mask, mask, mask

It’s been a whole month of semi/full lock down in Ireland now. And two and a half week more of this at least.
We can do basic life and online life as before which is alright.

Around the time of start of lock down, my social media feed was filled with face mask making because mainly it was so much going on about it in the US, I think. If you see it that’s happening online, you react like you must do as well like it was happening here too, don’t you? And there were/are so much of variations and it felt like some new trendy competition to me.
And things were much quieter here and I have a tendency of not doing what a lot of people doing. I step away from trendy, popular, must have kind of stuff normally. So face mask making was not what I intended to do.

But the sense of helplessness in this situation was hanging on me. The best thing to do to help the situation is doing nothing….. That feeling annoyed me a bit. Yes I probably should get ready when it’s over or make new online strategy to survive….

And on one day, I saw a new Facebook group, ‘Covid-19 Cloth Face Mask for All Ireland‘. I have no idea how this one popped in my feed but what their set up looked really good.
One really considered pattern for everyone to make and send out to health care workers who don’t get PPEs because their work is not directly related PPE required field but can’t keep the social distance.
I joined, started slow, shouted on my social media to get more people to be involved and made a lot of masks.

And still making. And the activity of the group is getting bigger.
I am getting better and quicker too.
Hope to come back to quilting and normal life not too long 🙂


One thought on “Mask, mask, mask

  1. you have done really well with all your masks Tomomi. I have made some, but given them to friends and family. I haven’t the stamina to make bigger quantities.

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