‘Plus’ quilt

It’s a mini quilt challenge time at Curated Quilts. And the theme for this time is ‘plus’. Should I make something visibly ‘plus’ quilt or use it as subtle suggestion?
The colour scheme was a bit of challenge too. Mint green, soft pink, peach, grey-blue, and aqua. All are kind of soft hue and there was not strong contrast. Also I wasn’t quite sure if I had those colours but somehow I did.

Anyway, so my image in this quilt is positiveness spreading out. Plus symbols can be read as positive mark and area of positive space is expanding.

I thought about making the lines between green and blue to be curves but I didn’t. But I quilted with curves!
Almost all are standard piecing except diagnose lines which was done as foundation paper pieced.

I used Warm and Plush wadding for extra loft. That said, the truth is I had nice size scrap to use for this mini.

Plus symbols are 2″ and I kind of wanted them to look like flowers hence the colour placement.

It’s 12″ by 12″.
In the end, I was really happy with colour and the little darker binding did a good job to pull everything together.


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