Free Motion Quilting Workshop – online!

Now to offer another online class!

This time it’s Free Motion Quilting.

If you have been following me on Facebook or Instagram, you have heard me trying to organise this for a few week or more(I can’t even remember now). It is almost fully ready but now I can tell you the outline and what is in it.

It is for completely new to free motion quilting as well as ones with some experience. It is not a course for the confident quilters who wants to develop design ideas.

It is for domestic machine users with darning or free motion foot attachment. It will start with set up of sewing environment and finishes off with a small quilt project. And you will learn tons of basic designs in between that!

The duration of course will be six weeks and during that time, I will send you weekly instructions, demo videos and homework. You can talk to me via video call or email as often as you like and I can see what is happening with you and that is much easier for me to help you.
As I said, the course is for six weeks but don’t feel like pressured to get everything done to fit in. Because everybody’s development speed is different and you need to enjoy the experience to become good at it. So take it as long as you like and I am happy to help you!

Is your quilting like one on the right? and want to better looking one?

Only thing I can not do is if your machine has a real problem doing FMQ which had happened a few time before. I tried everything on them but something wasn’t right. My advice for that is to bring it for a service to a reliable dealer and ask about FMQ. I can work and have been dealt most of machines fine but not all are capable of that unfortunately. It is a pain but I won’t be at your machine to open up and check inside. FMQ is a heavy duty work for any sewing machine.

The number of participants will be limited to 10 in order to offer the better support and keep open my availability.
Don’t worry, I will be back doing more later!

To get into the course this time, click below.

Or talk to me for any questions!


One thought on “Free Motion Quilting Workshop – online!

  1. I have signed up for the course but need to know what time it is starting on 23rd and how do i access it.

    Regards Liz Hughes

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