My quilts, 2020

I don’t feel like I made a lot of quilt this year. It wasn’t a lack of interest but other things got in a way. Those are not bad things but just not quilt of mine. I did quilt a lot for other people which I will write a separate blog post.

The first finish was two minis for swap which actually started last year. The pattern was from Tartan Kiwi. It was really fun and quick 🙂 It was an accident but it was really interesting to see how they look different with just colour of umbrella (click any images to see original blog posts).

Then I had a great opportunity to make a quilt working with music. It was not easy to start with, how I can show music in a quilt? There were a lot of music related quilting and sound it had created was really interesting. Hope to see this quilt out and about again soon!

One of my longest project and certainly first EPP large quilt. My version of La Passacaglia. I started back in 2016 and finally finished this year!

And a couple of minis for the themed group exhibitions. One is recycle and other is landscape + immigration. Well as you know the physical exhibitions were cancelled this year and I have no idea what is going to happen to them now….

To keep me going, I participated mini quilt challenges run by Curated Quilts. Half square triangle and Plus quilts. Didn’t get anywhere but I am happy with both!

One Covid themed quilt. But not quite obvious as any quilt of mine and I used up a lot of scraps!

This one was the last. Started with clam shell pattern experiment and gone a bit wild 🙂

I have started Jack’s chain with 1″ squares. Right now I only have nine patches! It will be a while to make into any shape!

I shall write another post about quilting I have done this year shortly!


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