My quilting work, 2020

I offer the service of quilting for any quilt makers and this year many quilts came for me to work for. Thank you all who sent them, I really had a good fun!

With no particular order, here they are!

This one was with single Irish chain pattern and single size, I think. I love that super funky batik but not a good friend of quilting because it won’t show much of quilting! The quilting was grid pattern style with a lot of ruler work. The black border was fully decorated with paisley.

This one was with shadow box pattern and single size. Look at all those space and NASA themed fabrics! Each of them are quilted with something reflecting the print pattern. Some were easy to find what to quilt and some weren’t but I got them in the end.

This one was a bright really large Le Moyne star quilt with a lot of white background to play with. The main star was filled with feather and circle on the background. There are two X shapes on either side of star which looked to me butterfly wings so I treated as is if you can see.

This one was a whole cloth, a map of world wall hanging quilt. I quilted a lot of creatures and other things related to ocean. Those large countries were quilted with simple patterns. You can see more on the original blog post!

This was one epic quilt! All hand appliquéd wool felt and beautiful hand embroidery. Only thing I could do was adding more background texture white not stepping on appliqué nor embroidery. Click to enlarge any pics to see details!

I liked this modern quilt with birds. What I quilted was branches made of feather/leaf pattern connected all the birds and filled any gaps left with more leaves. Birds weren’t quilted to give them a bit of lift.

This one had a lot of white background I could play with! Exciting and intimidating. Each tapes were quilted in different style and the background was Art Decor in my mind. Using matching thread wouldn’t let quilting to distract from this really bold quilt pattern.

As I said already, busy print fabric won’t show quilting much. This one was quilted with leafy feather meandering mainly. Those narrow diagonal spaces were quilted with ribbon candy.

A single size with bead pattern quilt. Working with piecing pattern again here. Repeating same pattern many times is a bit of tiring work but quilting continuously without breaking thread has some benefit too 🙂 Certainly a good brain exercise.

Bright beautiful quilt with a lot of colour! I could have worked with the piecing pattern of weaving but I didn’t think it would do the justice. So I opted for doodle meandering with not much particular idea except the border which was quilted with arches to bring in some style.

Those cats were designed and printed by my client and I quilted friends of cat around on each panel. Mice, fishes, butterflies and birds. Bow-ties on the bow-tie blocks and more cats around the border 🙂

This was a whole cloth embroidery work I quilted around. The photo shows it a bit warped but I did fixed it. My own quilts are usually not symmetrical but working something like this makes me really to appreciate that the beauty of traditional art and craft never fade.

What quilting service dose is not just taking a pain of quilting large quilts away but to add some extra to your quilts as well. Talk to me anytime if you are interested 🙂

Thank you 🙂


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