August, already

Time flew or I just got slow. It is the end of July and nearly two month since the last blog post!
Don’t feel like a lot happened but sure I have done something enough to fill the time.

I have made postcard quilts or quilted postcards? One was for a swap with fellow Irish Patchwork Society member and the other was for the 40th year celebration of the Society. They are both 6″ by 4″. Quick and fun but tiny!

‘dream catcher’ for a swap
Mini log cabin with theme, ‘old roots, new shoots’

And another mini was sent to Pluid project. This one is 6″ by 6″ and will be out for a fundraising at the end of August in Dublin.

My comforts are music and quilting

I did make a decent size quilt as well. Well, it is nothing like a bed size but nice wall hanging size, 30″ by 40″ which I nearly didn’t make it but I stretched out to make it.
Scrappy flying geese on almost white background. I will have a proper post about this one when the exhibition is on again later in the August.

There is a few more things will be on this August.
South-midland branch of Irish Patchwork Society is having a exhibition at the St Mary’s Cathedral, Kilkenny from August 12 – 15th. We are also raffling a beautiful bed quilt made by members. Read all about it here.

Also FORM will be having a pop up shop in Kilkenny during the Arts week, starting from 6th. You can find details here.

Also the Irish Patchwork Society’s exhibition will be in Galway from 22 – 22 August. This one was supposed to happen last year but now it’s happening! The theme is ‘Landscape – Language – Migration’ and I made this quilt.

While making a small things and quilting for customers, we managed to have a break and went to see the south of this island. Mizen head is the southern most tip of Ireland and it was scary to walk around!

I hope to have classes and workshop in September and after but that has to wait for until a bit later but hopefully not that long. Do keep eye on my space. I will let you know as soon as I know for sure!

Don’t forget to check the new fabrics and new colour in the thread section in my shop 🙂

One thought on “August, already

  1. So nice to see your post. Those geese won’t be able to fly far with all that quilting holding them in place. Like you, my posts have been rather few and far between, Too many things cancelled, other than the olympics. And now with the sauna season here, it is hard to concentrate on anything.

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