Scrappy geese

Hands Across Border exhibition happens every two years. It is a exhibition jointly held by Irish Patchwork Society and Northern Ireland Patchwork Guild. And this year’s exhibition is happening now at An Táin Arts Centre in Dundalk from 31st August until 4th September.

The theme this time is ‘hanging together again’.

I wanted my quilt to have very traditional quilt block and that theme gave me the idea of a flock of geese hanging together. It just happened in my head.

So I made geese. Scrappy geese as usual. But in all different colour.

My scrap box are getting really slim and I actually had to cut some from fat quarters.

The next task was to decide how to place them. Tightly in packs or circle or total random.
The size for this quilt had to be 30″ by 40″H and that didn’t give me much space to play. So they are in straight lines with various gaps and slightly moved sides too.

By the way, the background fabric was from scrap box too because I cut them for someone and they weren’t used in the end. Obviously, those scraps weren’t enough to make up all of it so I cut some from the bolt too. Lovely cloud print with little birds flying which fits very well, don’t you think?

Now the quilting. Firstly all the geese are quilted with loose figure eight pattern and I divided the space with large diamond shapes.

In each diamond shapes, I wanted to quilt something to reflect the given theme, ‘Hanging Together Again’. What is hanging together nicely? That is nature for me. So various things were quilted.

The background was quilted with texture fill.

And the view of the back of this quilt.

I thought I started this quilt to be big enough for the size but it was really tight! So I had to bind it rather than adding the facing but I liked that way because of the white background.


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