Project quilting challenge

Actually, it’s been a while I took up the challenge with Project quilting. This time I did because I did get a really interesting idea.

The theme for this week’s challenge is ‘Mining for Diamonds‘. Hmmm….

Diamond in Japanese writing is ‘金剛石’, Kongo-seki. The last character means stone and the first two defines which stone and this time it’s diamond. I googled where this word came from and it was originally Buddhism word and meaning the hardest thing and unbreakable thing.
There are well know worrier statues at Buddhism temples in Japan called Kongo-Rikishi who protect temples. Could I make them in a quilt? Hmm I didn’t really fancy that idea.

In further digging, I found the Sanskrit word ‘Vajra’ is the original word for Kongo and it also means diamonds naturally. And also this ‘Vajra’ means thunderbolt and the ritual object which causes thunderbolt. Then, I realise I have seen this thing in hands of various Buddhism statues. Interesting….

However making 3D object into a quilt is not easy. And I found 2D version of it. And I made a quilted version of it.

The basic shape is there but I modified some to quilting pattern and added some more quilting motifs. And also I filled up corners with actual diamond shapes too.
It’s a whole cloth quilt of light grey and quilted with darker grey thread.

It finished as a cushion cover. 19″ by 19″.


6 thoughts on “Project quilting challenge

  1. This is stunning! What amazing quilting 🙂 I’m glad PQ inspired you this week – I always love seeing what you come up with!

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