Single class offer

Here is the thing…

When I started talking about the beginner’s 6 weeks course earlier in March, I was contacted by some people who wanted to come from a bit far. That made me feel really happy and honored but at the same time, I think it’s not fair for someone to drive more than one hour to come for two hour classes. I do admire anyone’s enthusiasm to do so and I wouldn’t stop them but there might be easier options for those? And I was thinking about it since…

And here is what I would like to do.

Half day or full day of class on the date of your choice

I am more than happy to have people in the studio at anytime to enjoy quilt making. It would be flexible to fit your busy schedule and specific purpose as much as I can.

This class can be

  • One to one or with a small group
  • Opportunity to learn the basic of sewing/quilting or certain quilt making skills
  • Moment to get those half done projects to be finished
  • Time to get inspired and start something new
  • Excuse to have fun spending time with fabrics and your friends

Or anything you need on your quilt making journey. I am totally open to your suggestions!

The half day class
  • Three to four hours, in the morning or afternoon
  • Cost : €50 per person
The Full day class
  • Up to six hours
  • Cost : €80 per person
  • Lunch is optional

Do bring your machine and sewing tools.
A lot of quilting cotton is available from my studio but it is not possible to cover everybody’s taste. So bring whatever you have.

Contact me if you are interested.


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