Back to black

At the end of August, I went to see the festival of quilt in Birmingham. It was fantastic to see so many amazing quilts up close and getting inspired a lot!

I didn’t buy much. Just one book and a pack of Panda pencils.

Actually I was totally excited to find panda pencils because as far as I knew, only way to get it was to buy from Australia and spend a lot on postage. It was recommended by a very experienced quilter and I could trust her but still there was a bit of uncertainty…. So it was great to buy them there in person.

Panda pencil is for marking on dark fabrics. It disappears with ironing or gradually rubs off. So I need to test how reliable they are and that made me to make a black quilt 🙂

I have accumulated some black scraps over years and first I decided to just sew them up. But then, it looked too boring. To challenge myself a bit more, I added some colour of 1/8″ strips.

Quilting design was based on kaleidoscope mandala pattern with a lot of colour from threads. Circular shapes and division within them were marked with a panda pencil, of course. And some ruler quilting and a lot of micro quilting.

It’s a small quilt, just larger than A2 size. But I had a great fun quilting whatever came to my head and not worrying about marking at all. Yes marking was nice and clear and disappeared with no fuss.

The background was quilted with black thread and doodling. The border was quilted as in the print pattern.

It’s been a good while I made a quilt from start to finish without any purpose. And it was a really good fun and a great creative out put for me!


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