Jack’s Chain quilt

I saw someone’s Jack’s Chain quilt a long ago and it looked really interesting with circular pattern emerging without anything circle shaped. At the same time I could see this pattern works better in the big quilt and I didn’t need to have another quilt in our house, so I didn’t make any plan to make it.

And then the pandemic came and my scrap box was a bit full. So I started cutting 1.5″ squares from the scraps back in early 2020 and they were assembled as nine patches. Some were colour coordinated and some were shade coordinated.

And they stayed in a box until I pushed myself to assemble them to be a quilt top. A lot of triangles and hexagons were cut out from white fabric and I made a layout plan with colour gradating. It is about 89″ by 89″. No borders there because I was a bit bored with straight line border. And it was about the end of 2021. Yes, this was my slow side project.

And it sat in my studio until I finally decided to quilt until around the mid November 2022…..

My quilting idea was over lapping rosette pattern only on the white parts and I hoped it to sink behind as a proper background design. That means white thread to quilt on white fabric.
Each rosette was about 21″ which is a bit bigger than each circle made with little colourful squares. I designed how to quilt in each circle as I quilted and all different.

It is difficult to capture the quilting on the photos. I hope you can see it.
The picture below is the view of the backing.

Binding was a slower process because I had to stop and turn the quilt in every 3″ but I like it that way.

Some old fabric bled a bit but not many. Maybe less than 10. I may treat it when it gets warm. Drying a big quilt is not a winter job for me…. Also I need to even the bumpiness and curls which I deal it around the same time.

That’s my Jack’s Chain quilt and I am very happy to see it finished!


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