Challenge 5 of Project QUILTING Season 14

If you can remember, I have participated Project Quilting challenge past years. It’s a really quick turn around and only one week from start to finish!

So this year’s challenges started and I waited something to struck me as well as timing!

Challenge 5’s theme is ‘Sew Not a Square‘ and I just finished something and this fitted well.

That something is nestled hexagons. It was foundation paper pieced.

And then I thought why don’t I challenge myself to make it without paper.

The result was not perfect but reasonable, maybe?

I quilted quite decoratively and ignoring the pattern except the very centre and outside.

Since I didn’t have to remove paper, it came together quickly and since it’s small, quilting didn’t take much time ether. And well finished before the Sunday deadline!

It’s about 16″ between the parallel lines. It could be a cute table centre 🙂


4 thoughts on “Challenge 5 of Project QUILTING Season 14

  1. WOW! This is absolutley incredible! I’m in AWE that you did it without paper too! Mind blown!

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