A walk in the park

We have joint quilt exhibitions between the Northern Ireland Patchwork Guild and the Irish Patchwork Society in every two years. And this year’s theme is ‘a walk in the park’.

Should it be ‘park/nature’ quilt or easy quilt?

I have said it so many times before but I like ‘log cabin blocks’ because it’s easy and so versatile. So it’s a log cabin quilt again!

Most fabric I used were neutral except the centre of the log cabins. They are scraps of bright flower print to bring in ‘park’ side of theme.

They were all 1″ strips and log cabins are one and half round to keep the centre piece in random places. 50 blocks were made and put together and quilted.

The finished size of this quilt had to be 20″ by 40″ and I was a bit curious how much it shrinks with quilting. So I quilted without adding any border there.

I was really interested Jenny K Lyon’s quilting technique ‘Start With a Square‘ for a long time and this is my excuse to try it out.

Extending the pattern on the little square to create the quilting design. And it was a great fun!

I quilted a kind of landscape in the entire quilt. There is water, bridges, rocks, trees, flowers and other things.

The quilt shrank about 1″ on narrow side and 2″ on the long side. I added wadding and top to extend it and created a bit like wall on sides. There was no space for facing finish and I bound it.

The actual quilt is in portrait style. But I am showing it here side way.

The exhibition just started in Northern Ireland. You can find details about it here.