April update!

I haven’t been on the blog regularly and it is getting worse or slower. My quilt making is not stopped but it has gone a bit slower pace I think.

I have been doing things around quilts. We painted my studio and changed the lighting after 7 years!
Made some blocks for charity quilts.

Did quilt a few quilts for clients.

Also I did make two small quilts which I am not allowed to show yet so a bit of peek here. When the time comes, I will talk about them!

I also made two quilted collars respond to the call out of ‘keep well’ campaign by Craft council of Ireland. It was just fun to quilt without thinking too hard.

Because I have seen sooooo many house quilts since last year on the social media and I did get chances to work with some, I wanted to make my own house quilts. But me being me, I wanted them to be small. Small as 2″.

All the small blocks are made as foundation paper piecing method for accuracy. It is much easier to do something this small in this way. I have written a tutorial of this method here for using scraps.
All the fabrics are from my scrap boxes except the binding.
These are pot stand size, 6″ by 6″. They all have another quilt underneath for heat protection. And hanging tubs to be just a little decorations,
And I have made the pattern available in my shop.

Now, things are slowly moving towards the right direction in Ireland and I hope we don’t have to go back. Once I can open the shop/studio to quilters, I will send you the update. Until them keep eye on what I am up to on the social media.
Enjoy spring time!