Up coming classes

Thank you all for coming to do classes with me. It was busy two months to kick off 2023!

Now I have time to plan ahead and think about next few months….

Would you be interested to learn about improv. piecing?

When I want to just play with fabric, I tends to piece fabrics improvise way, pick and stitch without any pre-plan.

It’s a great way to use small scraps of fabrics and the ones you don’t know why you have.

I don’t throw away tiny bits of fabric just in case I need them. I mean they are smaller than 1″ sometime.

Once you piece them together, you can create a great background or key feature.

What you can learn from improv. piecing is not just being creative gut also getting confident about colour choice. Which colours go together is really important for quilt making.

If you are interested, come join the one day workshop of improv. piecing in my studio on 25th March.

You can book your place here

The spring 6 weeks class will be starting from 12th April.

This time classes run on Wednesday evenings.

Dates and time :

Spring 2023

From 12th April to 17th May on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00

Description :

This is mainly open for beginners of patchwork quilt making. Complete sewing beginners and repeaters are also very welcome too.
You will learn how to choose fabric, cut, sew, quilt and finish off beautifully.

You will finish a patchwork quilt project or two during the course. Actual projects will be decided with a consideration of actual participants’ abilities. It can be a cushion cover or king size quilt!

Things you need to bring with you:

Own sewing machine and all the other sewing equipment. Own fabric and other materials. A beautiful selection of quilt making cotton fabric is available for purchase.

Cost :

€80.00 for the full six weeks, €20.00 deposit is required for booking.

Click the button below to contact me. I am happy to answer any questions.

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