Commisioning a quilt

I am very happy to make a quilt just for you, or for someone special to you.

How? Just tell me what you have in mind – concept, style, colour, fabric and size.

  • Concept – art or everyday use, theme, design idea.
  • Style – modern, classic, retro, country, cute, Japanese or Western.
  • Colour – mix of a lot of colours or a simple mix of a few colours, bright or subtle, strong or gentle.
  • Fabric – of your own choice. If you don’t know where to start, give me a few fabric choices and I will add more to create a good combination.
  • Size – anything from a place mat to a king size bed quilt or anything in between can be made!
  • Personalised – with names, crest or symbol

I will discuss all the above with you at the design stage, with rough sketches and suggestions by email. Any major concerns can be sorted at this stage, but small design details might be added later with your approval. If any minor changes are needed during the construction, I will consult with you. Although if you prefer, you can leave some or all of those decisions to me.

I use cotton materials only unless there are some special requests, but please note, not all fabrics are suitable for patchwork.

My price starts from €200 for 40″ by 40″ but the final price will depend on the complexity of the design. However, I will always endeavour to design a quilt to fit your budget.

After the majority of the design is decided, I require a deposit of 50% of the full price. The balance and postage must then be paid before shipping.

It will take me at least two weeks after the design is agreed to make a 40″ by 40″ quilt. Larger or more complex pieces will naturally take longer. I will update you on progress by email.

Any more question? Contact me at: slaneyhandcraft(at)

One thought on “Commisioning a quilt

  1. Hi Tomonini, I tried to email you but the email bounces back. Could you email me? I am interested in buying one of your quilts with the feather design (we spoke on the phone recently) Warm wishes, Spark Deeley

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