Making waves – quilted

It was a while ago I finished the top of quilt themed with making waves. This week I quilted and bound it.

As I said before I don’t have passion for making pictorial quilt particularly. And all quilting motifs for this quilt are adding some idea of what they are.

Moon has got impact crater like cascaded circles. No, I didn’t follow actual pattern on the moon.

gravity detail 07

And this earth has got spirals to look like ocean currants or typhoon clouds. Some places has really big bumps due to seam allowance bunching up but it was manageable.

gravity detail 03

gravity detail 06

Those two ideas came to me quite early but void/black space in between two are different matter altogether. I wanted to quilt gravity there which is invisible as we all know!

gravity detail 04gravity detail 01gravity detail 02

I don’t know it looks like gravity but I like it how it turned out 🙂

The border was quilted with wave motives(see the first pic). Not typical quilted wave but inspired by a Japanese traditional pattern.

This quilt was faced which is easier for odd shape like earth sticking out at the bottom and sometime it looks better than visibility of binding.


It’s a bit bigger than 40″ by 40″(I haven’t measured properly yet).

gravity 01