New fabrics!

There are new fabrics in my shop! They are available from my Etsy shop and of course from my studio. All are quilt making cotton fabric from major manufactures.

I am still trying to fill any gaps in colour which probably never happens but I try! I don’t have enough orange, pink and purple. Light and dark hue too. Also not only to find right color but I want to have similar print style too rather than wide variety because I can’t have all of them!

Anyway these are the new ones.

Teal green, aqua, or turquoise. I can’t really tell difference in those. It’s green side of green+blue colour with smokey hue.

Orange, but calm and pale, burnt and faded orange.

This orange is bit more yellow but still quite mellow. Buttercup yellow.

Lemon yellow, burnt orange lime green and light tan mixture. Large bold design, isn’t it? This colour is not sharp but calmer.

I also got red one of same series. Bright raspberry pink and purple. Yes, this one is bright.

What would you do with those big print? I found slicing them up small quite interesting. Yes they are great for large parts but showing a little parts of large print adds some drama.

I finally found nice clear crisp red. No orange or purple hue, nor dark or light. Just right clear red 🙂

And this one is very very pale pink, apricot pink. Beautifully delicate pink with hint of orange.

Also this purple is pale. It’s so pale, it almost looks like grey but definitely purple. And photo can’t show up properly how hard I try 😦

I add at least one white or semi white fabric because almost all quilts need this colour. Rather than pure white, I choose bit of something with white to soften the whiteness. This one is putty white, slightly grey and cream.

Grey is another difficult colour. How dark would you like it to be? This one is quite dark. Charcoal grey on a very pale grey background.

And I add one feature print because we need them! This time it’s acute forest animal from Cora Dantini. I love her cute animals!

All the links bring to my Etsy shop. Do pop in!

I ship them world wide with reasonable shipping cost 🙂