Colour wheel

Before last Sunday, I just finished one quilt top and had a bit of time to think what to do next. Browsing through Facebook, I came to a post about new quilt challenge by Persimon Dreams.

The theme was “abecedarius” and my reaction to it was purely “?????”. I googled it and found out about it and then thought it was maybe not for me. But a little later I got an idea of making initials of each primary colours, Blue, Red and Yellow.

Did I get more inspiration from that? Not quite. So I made secondary colours’ ones as well.

At first I was going to put them in random places with more colour but since I had six of them, putting together as a colour wheel made more sense. But, hexagon shape would be an easier option, I thought.

So I made each triangles in each colour way and slightly gradating towards neighbouring ones. They are all pulled out from my scrap boxes and I think I just managed to make them right. Did I?

Now to connect all the letters. Again, I made this section in gradating colour way.

Those sections were foundation paper pieced. Some were from scrap boxes but some I had to cut fresh. I pieced them together first and added centre hexagon.

The backgrounds of letters were quilted with 1/4″ lines which required marking. To do that job, free motion quilting with straight line ruler was bit quicker than walking foot one but it took a whole morning.

Bits in between letters were quilted with feather motives which was super quick. I changed thread colours to suit in each space.

And then centre hexagon was quilted with a little bit of mandala style. However some places are quite thick due to scarps piling up and for that reason I didn’t quilt that densely. I used light grey thread for this section rather than matching up the thread colours which could be a nightmare…

And here is the finished quilt, back and front. It’s about 20″.