Horse quilt – part one

I attended curved piecing workshop by Olena with Wicklow Patchwork Group while ago.

In a nutshell, pattern was transferred to the fabric using freezer paper templates and fabrics with pattern were stitched. Olena has a tutorial here if you are interested.

I am not a much of template user for either piecing nor quilting. If I can use templates over and over again, I might buy or make them but that rarely happens. That’s the one of the reason and I wanted to force myself to work with templates and the other is to see a lot of Olena’s quilt up and close 🙂


Anyway this is the workshop result. A horse with yarn mane. I just had enough various wine fabric and matching yarn. Eye and nostril were a bit tricky to stitch because of tight curves but my beloved tweezers saved me tweaking fabrics while sewing. Yes they are must have tools for sewing!

just horse

I looked at it again a few weeks ago and I thought it need something more to make it a good space around the horse. But rather plain square I added curved line which I just had enough fabric again. And then two borders to finish off this top.

with border

It’s a bit plain I thought. Quilting will fill up but it needed more than quilting.

So I added appliqué as I wished. Swirl, leaves, and flowers. All are needle turn and improv.

with applique

I have started quilting it and then my sewing machine started to have a trouble. It still sews but has forgotten how to stop properly. Not all the time but when the motor is warmed up or heated up with this unusual summer heat in Ireland! Anyway it has gone to repair and hopefully get fixed before too long.

I might concentrate this EPP project I started well over two years ago. Or paint the house or sorting the dried up garden!

la pass 2017 july 11.jpg