Self portrait

Cork Textile Network is organising self portrait project and all members are asked to make one.

I don’t really like looking myself in mirror or photos. So self portrait is a challenge.

So I took it as this, self portrait = reflection of myself, what I do, what I do as a quilter and then what kind of quilt I make often.

Scrappy, improv pieced quilt with graffiti quilting.

In this case, scrappy is using up small pieces of fabric from why I can’t throw them in a bin scrap collection. Since it is a self portrait, I thought it would be better to have at least one eye and then that may be a bit too spooky so I added a mouth too.

piecing 01

The size is 12″ by 16″ and the quilt needed to be mounted on a frame which you can see there. It was handy to have the size indication right there for me to see the composition while creating it without a blue print. The most of face part was done with beige fabric.piecing 02

Then I added a bit of colour around it.piecing 03pieced top

First I quilted with dark grey thread to add some outlines.outline quilted

Then rest was quilted crazy doodle. Less than one hour of quilting without any thought.quilted

Even though I thought I made the top big enough for the size, quilting shrank more than I thought and it became just big enough when mounted on a frame.finished with straighgt light

And here is a better view of quilting.finished with side light