When I looked into my fabric boxes a while ago, I realised I have a quite lot of beige fabric. I used to not like to white as background which is a too easy choice and I used beige ones instead. I wouldn’t call it cream but beige. I still don’t like using white but now I am bit more relaxed about it.  On the other hand, I don’t use beige as much any more and I need to use them up. Hmmm…

With this one, I was trying to see if I could make some kind of gradation of beige. I was also making this one for a challenge and it needed to be smaller than 24″. As a result I didn’t get to use darker beige this time.

kachouhuugetu 01

It’s a rectangular log cabin/courthouse steps pattern and all the strips are 1/2″ wide finished. I added piano key border to add some movement to the red stripes.

As I looked at those beige, my natural instinct for the quilting design was calling something Japanese. See, Japanese quilters love taupe which I also avoid to make but I do love looking at them!

There is a proverbs in Japan “Ka-Cho-Fuu-Getsu”. The literal mean is Flower, Bird, Wind and Moon. What actually means is “experience the beauty of nature, learn about yourself”. Anyway, I quilted flowers, a bird and some feathers, leaves blown by wind and a moon.

kachouhuugetu 06kachouhuugetu 05

kachouhuugetu 04

The backing is also beige fabric but with some accent colour 😉

kachouhuugetu 03

It’s 21.5″ by 10″.

Now what should I do with the rest of beige…