I don’t know how the last three weeks went through but it did very quickly.

Our daughter started her college life in Dublin and so far she seems to be happy.

Our garden has serious amount of yew hedges and box topiary are scattered across and both need a good haircut before the winter(nearly done)! Also vegetable and fruits had to be harvested( getting there).

Quilt making class has resumed in my studio and everybody is getting busy.

Those are my excuse for being slow in blog land. But I have something to show here finally 🙂


Now and then I need to pull all the scraps out from the boxes and bags to clear out( would it ever going to happen?) and this is the time since I just need to get some swing back to quilting.

So white scraps were pulled out and stitched almost all up.

pieced white

I wanted to quilt allium flower head on this and I did.

quilted white

Each flowers were quilted with various shade of purple. It wasn’t a easy flower shape to quilt because I had tendency to make each petal bit fat rather than narrow and sharp. A bit of ripping was involved there. The background was filled narrow free hand straight lines.

Initially, I had a plan to applique a few flowers. But applique would stand out a bit too much on white background which I didn’t wanted this time. So I decided to paint. I painted very faintly with Inktense pencils. I filled it first almost invisible amount but once the textile medium was applied, colour intensified. Quilting worked like barrier to stop bleeding the textile medium which was great but since wadding was absorbing it, I need to apply it repeatedly until I mixed it well. Also tiny bump of quilting was making hard for the brush to get in. I think I did fine in the end though.

quilted white 02

It’s about 20″ by 20″.

finished flower allium

quilting flower allium 03


At the same time, I wanted to make seed head one too with autumn colour/beige.

beige pieced

I forgot to take picture of quilting before colouring. The density of quilting around the centre of seed head created a bit of warp but I sorted by blocking and steaming.

seed head quilting01

Those black seeds stood out a lot at first. By applying other colours after the initial textile medium got dry, they calmed down a bit. Also dubbing while wet with kitchen towel  helped to remove some colours too.

This one is also 20″ by 20″

beige seed head finished

The background was quilted with wavy line to suggest autumn wind.seed head quilting 02


My new adventure of colouring continues 😉