Four seasons

I actually made this quilt a good while ago but I can finally share properly since it has gone display in Limerick( Thanks Paula!).

The idea of this quilt is each four seasons framed in fan shape.

Spring, cherry blossom


Summer, bamboo forestbomboo quilted

Autumn, Maplemaple quilted

Winter, snow capped mountain and pine treepine quilted

But there are more seasons in between those four.Japanese count twenty four seasons traditionally. Quilting background was something to symbolise those between seasons.

Early summer we have wisteria and then rain season comes.

cherry quilted

Rain season brings hydrangea. Summer time is also for insects too.

butterfly flower

From Autumn river to rough winter wave.

fish and waves

I spilled quilting lines from fan frame to connect everything. Wind from spring blowing flowers. River from autumn has some fishes swimming.

I hope you can see all the quilting here.

four seasons

You can find bit more about this quilt here.