I made a quit featuring fireflies last year and I decided to make another quilt similar style with another insect. And the chosen one was a dragonfly.

All background was pieced with 1.5″ strips and all the strips are stitched together in random angle. Deep blue for a pond, green for the glassy space and light blue for the sky.

finished top dragonfly.jpg

I quilted this before adding appliqued detail like I did with firefly one. The reason for that was I could make continues quilting without stopping around the applique.


quilted part dragonfly 02

And then dragonfly was appliqued with fusible web. Those wings are made of chiffon like ribbon. I thought ironing might melt it but it didn’t!

I always have trouble with quilting metallic thread. I have read numerous blog posts how to do it and it behaved for me with only one thread breakage this time.  It was a relief because I couldn’t imagine ripping it without damaging wings.

dragonfly detail


The sky was quilted with some dragonflies and cumulonimbus clouds which I created accidentally.

dragonfly detail 01doragon fly detail 02

Water got some ripples and probably there should be some water striders but I didn’t add them to keep it simple.dragonfly detail 03


It’s 20″ by 40″H same as firefly one.finished quilt dragonfly

Now I am thinking to make another one with summer insect but can’t decide which one to pick. Butterflies are bit too vivid compared to other two and cicadas are not that picturesque to me( and I know lot of people don’t know about them outside Japan). Ants? Bees? Any suggestions please!