Improvised piecing

After precise planning and piecing of this quilt top, I needed to just sew. Plus scrap boxes are getting fuller again and need to be dealt. So I started improvised piecing.

I do like precise piecing of cutting and sew them right and getting the result as I planned. Everything should fit together and that is a great satisfaction.

I don’t need to measure, cut and sew precisely while improvising which sounds easier? Contradictory, it can be harder because things wouldn’t fit together as I thought they would. A stitched fabrics ends up too big or small for the next section and I have to trim or add extra to fit them right. It’s not only the size but colour and print pattern have to be checked constantly. It is a slow process. Or is it just me?


This time I chose to use grey fabrics. Not quite 50 but some variety there.

pieced scraps

The other thing I have to be careful is stitching itself. Since I just pick fabrics to stitch together, I may stitch two different length of fabrics to fit which commonly known as creating wavy border. I think those last strips on the right and top ends are slightly longer and showing a bit of warp but that much is manageable. It is difficult to measure improvised pieces and I don’t want to cut them in order to measure right so I just be careful not to stretch anything while stitching.

And this is the finished top. Big empty space and complex space.

added border


Quilting is doodling style on each scraps.

quilting on scraps

The big space was divided and now slowly getting filled.

deviding quilting

Enough grey pictures? I have little bit of colour for you too!

hydrangeaclematisbumble bee